Business Overview

The Giant group has a diversified portfolio of business interests that include FMCG Distribution, Food Packaging, Footwear Manufacturing, Fashion Retail and Business Centers.

Established in the UAE in 1985, we owe the success of our group companies to valuing partnerships with our key customers and suppliers, to local market acumen, financial strength and operational efficiency.

FMCG is at the core of the group’s business interest. Our flagship company, STC, distributes to over 6,000 outlets, some of the best known FMCG brands from Asia.

Any dish is only as good as its ingredients. Our Nature’s Choice brand is the hallmark of Quality and Freshness for ingredients and provisions from the subcontinent.

A management team with in-depth knowledge of local markets and financial strength, have allowed us to exploit opportunities across diverse businesses.

Footwear Manufacturing or Fashion Retailing, our corporate skills and strategic knowledge have enabled successful JV’s.

Our Story

The Giant group has key business-related investments as part of its diversified portfolio that includes the wholesale distribution of footwear under the Giant fashion brand and the management of the ultra-modern Apex Business Centre.

Under the helm of the Giant Group of companies, STC (Shankar Trading Company) has grown to be one of the largest importers of FMCG products and specializes in Ethnic range in the Gulf region. STC today is a reputed importer and distributors of consumer goods, food and grocery products to the biggest retail brands in the UAE. We represent the top 25 brands, with an extensive product range and impeccable supply chain operation.

The Giant Group came into being with the start of its flagship company, Shankar Trading Company L.L.C in the food wholesale market of Al Ras in 1985. Since then it has evolved into a diversified holding company with a portfolio that comprises Food Distribution, Food Packaging, Footwear Manufacturing, Retail JV and other key businesses. We have joint venture interests in manufacturing, under the name of Gulf Footwear. The group employs over 450+ people and has operations spanning the U.A.E.


We build value through partnerships, experienced management teams, local market and operational expertise, financial strength.


Management Team

Our Board of Directors and Executive team have individually more than 25 years’ experience with the group in the UAE.


Local Knowledge

We have business interests across all states of the UAE and across all market segments.


Customer Network

We boast a delivery network of more than 6,000 outlets across the UAE across multiple channels.


Supplier Relations

Building long term mutually beneficial partnerships is the corner stone of our group’s success.

Business man or analyst expanding futuristic investment virtual screen over a modern tablet. Showing if charts and infographic for investment analysis.


Leveraging new technology has enabled us to grow rapidly while still maintaining efficiencies and meeting the needs of our customers.



Financial strength has been the foundation of our success, which has enabled us to leverage trade opportunities across many business cycles.


Be the gateway to the finest products from the East and around the world to the
emerging markets of the UAE, GCC and beyond.


To achieve leadership by building successful partnerships through
dedication, excellence and responsibility.


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