Gulf Footwear

Gulf Footwear Co. LLC was established in 1994 to cater to an untapped market in the Gulf for Ladies and Men’s Fashion Sandals and Children’s Sport Shoes; it is a pioneer factory for manufacture of diversified footwear in the Gulf. Mr. Bahadurbhai Virani, Partner, heads the unit and has vast experience in the manufacture, sale and export of footwear, in India, under the brands Paragon, Club & Sera.

Gulf Footwear has developed into a diversified manufacturer of Ladies fashion sandals, Men’s Arabic sandals, Safety shoes and Children’s footwear, and boasts a unique capability in UAE for the manufacture of PU soles.

Our success as a niche player in the region lies in bringing the design influences, style and quality of Europe at affordable prices, assisted by the use of modern computer controlled technology. We are equipped for manufacturing a diversified range of PU, PVC and leather articles.

We believe, to grow in a dynamic business environment, we need to anticipate and embrace change and continuously reinvent ourselves. Our vision is to build, own and promote world-class business and brands internationally. We continue to actively pursue opportunities in the manufacturing activities in and outside UAE across various footwear categories either on our own or along with global partners that bring domain expertise and value consonance. Our focus to improve our human resource & technology to continue in the pursuit of timeless excellence and reward our valuable customers with products that are as distinctive as the individual wearing them is. This will continue to be our focus areas for the group going forward.

Address: P.O Box 3374, New Industrial Area, Ajman.
Tel : +971 6 7434030
Fax : +971 6 7434939
Opening Hours: Regular Time: 9.00 am to 7.00 pm